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Stay Informed of the progress, maintenance and construction updates in the City of Holladay. The improvements will be be beautiful. During our construction, this e-mail list will help you navigate through our improving city.

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Holladay_Construction_Updates Village Construction Update

July 1st 2010

Village Construction Update Harper Construction will commence working on the Village Plaza area beginning the week of July 6th. During this first short week they will be focused on underground utility work in the plaza area. Crews will also be working on placing pavers in the crosswalks associated on Laney Avenue. Pavers in the crosswalks (and sidewalk) on Murray-Holladay Road and on 2300 East will be placed after completion of the Laney Avenue pavers. In general, the remaining landscaping and construction wo ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

October 26th 2009

Week of 10/26 We are very near the end and looking forward to the Christmas shopping season for our merchants. It is expected that the traffic cones will come down this week. On Monday and Tuesday, work will be focused on remaining and fill-in sidewalks including Zion�s Bank and Gepettos area. The crosswalk on the SW corner of Holladay Blvd. and Murray Holladay Road will also be completed. The decorative pavers have finally been released from customs and are enroute to the City. Pavers in the cross walks are pla ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

October 20th 2009

We are nearing the end of the roadwork and sidewalk construction activities! Completion of the plaza area is scheduled for next spring. Key scheduled activities for this week include: Monday 10/19 * Construct crosswalks at new corner of Murray Holladay Road and Holladay Blvd. * Construct sidewalk at Dog Shop * Construct concrete slab at Physician�s office on Murray Holladay Road (east of Holladay Blvd) Tuesday 10/20 * Pour Curb & Gutter at SW corner of intersection of Murray Holladay Road and Holladay Blvd ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

October 9th 2009

Village Schedule � Week of 10/12 2300 EAST: Sidewalk in the vicinity of Baskin Robbins and Zion�s Bank is scheduled for Wednesday. The retaining wall at Unpredictable is scheduled for Monday. MURRAY HOLLADAY RD: Contractor will be working on the sidewalk in from to Maxfield Plumbing extending east to the east door of Gepettos. This section of sidewalk is scheduled to be poured on Tuesday or Wednesday. The final asphalt overlay on Murray Holladay Road is scheduled for Thursday. HOLLADAY BLVD � SOUTH END: Side ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

October 5th 2009

Village Schedule � Week of 10/5 2300 EAST � East Side: Work in this area will include the sidewalk and pedestrian ramp in the vicinity of Unpredictable as well as the Phylden area. EAST END OF MURRAY HOLLADAY RD: Curb & Gutter on the east end is scheduled for Tuesday. Sidewalk in front of Relics is scheduled for Wednesday. HOLLADAY BLVD � SOUTH END (West Side): Concrete paving from Meir�s to Holladay Pharmacy is scheduled for early in the week. Drive approaches will be constructed serving the transmission ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

September 28th 2009

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE for week of September 28 � October 3 2300 EAST � East Side: Contractor will be pouring the crosswalk at Phylden on Monday/Tuesday. They will also be pouring the access driveway to Unpredictable�s parking lot. Sidewalk will be placed in the vicinity of Baskin-Robbins and Zions Bank. EAST END OF MURRAY HOLLADAY RD: This section of roadway has been reopened to traffic! Activities of this week will be focused on sidewalk construction on both sides of the street. Pedestrian access to all businesse ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

September 21st 2009

Update � September 20- September 25 Tuesday Installing sidewalk on corner of Holladay Blvd and Murray Holladay Rd Installing curb and gutter on 2300 E between Baskin Robbins and Phylden Sidewalks will also be installed in front of Great Harvest Installation of retaining wall and side walk along east side of 2300 E (in front of Unpredictable) Wednesday Installation of sidewalk along east side of 2300 E (in front of Unpredictable) Construction of driveway approaches on south side of Murray Holladay Rd, east of Gepp ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

September 14th 2009

North end of Holladay Blvd / Laney Avenue: Contractor will be working in the vicinity of the old Spin-Cycle building constructing parallel parking along Laney Avenue and constructing sidewalk. South end of Holladay Blvd: Traffic will be switched to the east side of the road (from Kentucky to Murray-Holladay Road) on Wednesday. The contractor will then commence demolition work on the west side of the street. There will continue to be no left turn from northbound Holladay Blvd. onto Murray-Holladay Road. Arbor La ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

August 31st 2009

Holladay Blvd (running south from Murray-Holladay Road): Work in this area this week will include placing sidewalk, on-street parking, and driveway construction on the east side of the road. Concrete on-street parking (in the area of Relics) was delayed due to a utility conflict and is now scheduled to be placed this week. Construction is scheduled to switch to the west side of the road in 2 weeks. There will continue to be no left turn from northbound Holladay Blvd. onto Murray-Holladay Road. Arbor Lane is the a ...Continue Reading

Holladay_Construction_Updates Message

August 24th 2009

North end of Holladay Blvd: The ribbon cutting for this area was on August 18th. We appreciate those who were able to attend and participate in this event. Work this week will include general clean-up, and construction of remaining driveways and approaches. South end of Holladay Blvd: Work in this area this week will include sidewalk, on-street parking (in the area of Relics), and driveway construction. Concrete on-street parking is scheduled to be placed on Thursday or Friday of this week. Construction is sche ...Continue Reading