Information Process Model

Save thousands with technology automation. Most of the implementation will probably use your existing technology. The problem is that most don’t even know what they have or how to use it. Govbird will evaluate your present technological situation and provide cost savings solutions using your existing computer systems.

Risk Management

Technological systems can help reduce the likelihood of liability exposure for Police, Fire, Public Works, Streets, Parks, Recreation and all of your departments that interface with the public. Fully using automation is a form of Risk Management. We’ll show you how.

IT Check-Up and First Aid

Much like a quick inspection and emissions test for your car, we’ll run a quick diagnostic check up of your computer systems. We’ll let you know of obvious problems and possible solutions. (You don’t need to use us to fix the problem, you can have your regular IT Mechanic do that work).


Web Content Management Engine

Much more than just websites. We are now the engine of top Digital Governments in the country. The Web Content Management Engine allows users to save time and money. Entities using the Web Content Management Engine provide better and more services to their communities.

Risk Management & Loss Control

The work flow of most entities is conducted via the IT Department. While the most exposure for mistakes or liability is monitored in the Risk Management Department, we bring the two together, to save money and reduce the likelhood of costly losses.

Custom Programming

Fluent in several major programming languages, our forte is bringing stand alone applications together with a secure handshake. Our custom programming effort has dramatically reduced staff work load. One entity gained $83,000 in “found money” after only four months with our custom designed Citation Application.

Branding, Marketing and Promotion

Enhance your image with cohesive branding integrating all aspects of your public image.

Multi-Media Development

Graphic arts, animation, logo design, photography, sound, production and professional writers. Utilizing our artistic talent can save significantly in communicating with your constituents.

IT Networking & Consulting

Computer failure means lost productivity and money. We can help you get the right plan in place to dramatically reduce breaches in security, hardware failures, and down time.